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Get Smoother Skin With Our Safe, Effective Hair Removal Treatments

Are you tired of shaving or painful waxing to remove unwanted body hair? If you want to get rid of unwanted body hair forever, turn to Northern Valley OBGYN & Laser Aesthetics.

Our Xeo hair removal services can help you achieve silkier, smoother, beautifully bare skin in just a few easy treatments. Never stress over unwanted hair again!

A Comparative Look at Shaving and Our Xeo Hair Removal Services

  • Cost: Shave - $10,207 in a lifetime; Xeo Hair Removal - $2000 as a one-time cost
  • Time: Shave - 131 mins per month; Xeo Hair Removal - 30 mins per every 2 months
  • Water: Shave - 7848 gal per year; Xeo Hair Removal - 0 gallons

Free Yourself From Unwanted Hair With Our Laser Hair Removal Services

Enjoy a fast, comfortable hair removal procedure performed in as little as 30 minutes. Get rid of unwanted hair from underarms, legs, bikini area, arms, chest, and even back.

Xeo hair removal laser delivers powerful, yet gentle light into your hair follicles to prevent regrowth. Because hair grows in phases, it's necessary for you to repeat the treatments at periodic intervals if you want to achieve maximum hair reduction. Enjoy optimum comfort with continuous cooling of the treatment area during each light pulse. Regardless of skin color or hair type, get long-lasting hair removal in a minimal amount of time.

Get silky, smooth skin that you've been dreaming of with results in as few as 4 to 6 treatments. Find out if Xeo hair removal is the right hair removal service for you! You might be recommended 3 to 6 sessions according to your hair type. Go through the skin typing document and our laser registration form.
To learn about our lime light skin therapy, call us at 701-738-2004 and schedule your appointment.
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Hair Removal Brochure
"I had the hair removal done on March 8th. I have had hardly any hair return. It worked absolutely fabulous. Go back for second treatment this week. Also had the genesis and another treatment done for dark spots which also worked beautifully. Very professional staff doing a wonderful job. I had Ariel do mine and she was outstanding." 

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